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Don't be fooled by inferior "cheap granite " from China! And, don't be bamboolzed by those so called " as low as installed" prices. Browse over 20 high-quality, granite natural stone colors in our beautiful new kitchens showrooms, featuring Sensa Granite! No sealing! No Cuts!

Granite countertop colors, example Waterfall by Sensa Granite Countertops, available at Lumberjack's Kitchens and Baths. When you buy granite countertops from Lumberjack's Kitchens & Baths, you're assured the same low prices you would find at the large chain big box stores (sometimes even lower)! The difference is our 40 years of countertop fabrication knowledge. We're not fabricators, but we have hand picked the VERY BEST in Ohio as the fabricators for our countertops. There is a HUGE difference in the fabrication of countertops. The big box stores select cheap fabricators. At Lumberjack's, we have carefully hand picked our granite countertop fabrication tested team for high quality and amazing service. You'll find the best granite countertop prices and installation at Lumberjack's! Yes! We do offer financing for granite countertops!

White granite countertop, granite kitchen countertop displays at Lumberjack's Kitchen and Baths.

Sensa Granite - Natural stone surface with protection for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors or indoor spaces.

Sensa granite, available at Lumberjack's Kitchens and Baths in Akron OH Lumberjack's Kitchens and Baths, a Sensa granite authorized dealerWe're proud to be one of the largest authorized dealers and installers of Sensa Granite in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton area!

Sensa is a high-quality granite surface that offers such reliable performance that it comes with a 15-year certified guarantee.

Sensa features the most beautiful stone that nature creates. Stone is selected for aesthetic excellence and unique, elegant surfaces with an exotic touch.

Every Sensa slab is different from the rest, because each surface has exceptional veining that is found in no other. Sensa granite is resistant to scratches and stains and offers outstanding performance over time.

Don't be fooled by "as low as installed" granite pricing!

Unique granite slabs. Granite countertops available at Lumberjack's Kitchens and Baths.

Sensa granite is a maintenance-free, very high-quality, natural granite. There is a lot of product on the market being sold from China that is so porous and brittle. Please don't be fooled by those "as low as installed", very low quality product. Sensa granite by Cosentino® comes from Brazil. and has a revolutionary protective treatment, proving a high stain resistance and a transferable 15-year warranty. We have over 20 different colors of Sensa granite that will add an elegant touch to your kitchen and will be highly protective against common household stains.

And, there's no more cuts or sealing as Sensa granite is comes in one complete granite slab of stone.

Black sensa granite from Lumberjack's Kitchens and Baths, serving Cleveland, Akron, Canton OH